Have to say the show has really stuck with me

….so wanted to toss this addendum your way:

Confession….  Love has always been a bit of an outlier for me.  A band that I got introduced to a bit too early (fanatic pal in college who was all but monomaniacal about them) – it was probably a case of too much too soon.  Yeah, sure, it sounded cool: like a pure extraction of the sixties to me.  I dug it, but it didn’t swing me like the first 20/20 album was doing to me at that same time.

Had Forever Changes, by the time I graduated, bought the CD box-set when it came out.  Listened through a couple times, definitely enjoyed what for me were 1980 dorm-room memories.  Could never quite shake the feeling of being obligated to that pal who loved them first & foremost.  It’s funny, the stuff that gets in the way. (There’s a book in that, I think.)

But the songs just kept sounding better every time I encountered them…I dunno, over the last five to ten years or so? After really spending a lot of quality time with Bacharach, Association, Everlys, Zombies stuff.   Which… that super-tight, ornate aerodynamic stuff is where my tastes just kept going.   (Why I was so thrilled by that Elliot show.) And yeah, you look at that list and Love totally belongs there.  For sure, I grew up listening to the same musicals Bryan MacLean did, it juts took longer for all of it to resurface in my own awareness and record collection.

Anyway, all I can say is that all of it simply fell into place watching you guys play Tuseday night.  You know how it can be: you see the parts being played on three different guitars, you see and feel human effort making the sound happen.  And in this case, you hear those big major 7th chords spread across a soundstage…you apprehend all at once the super-intelligence of the arrangements.   It was kinda overwhelming.  And also a band that’s so completely committed to the work.  To the sound and the poetry too.  No bullshit.  The music is all we need here.

Y’all flat out converted me for good.

Last bit: been listening to all the records again at work this week.  Good earbuds…and holy shit…the bass lines.  So damn rich.  So good.  You have a very cool job.  And you do it beautifully man!

Steven C. Lindstrom

I’m really looking foreword to hearing this again tonight. The first time at El Cid was quite an emotional rush. I dunno how else to describe it other than, it’s something you have to experience in person. Arthur is definitely missed, but because of these wonderful musicians (and don’t even get me started on Johnny), this music LIVES; that’s the main thing for me.

Craig Claiborne
Love fan

Love at the Manchester Academy 25 Jan 2003
I’ve never seen a happier crowd – massive thanks Sidney and if you ever come back please let me know I’ve been telling my mates all about it for years – I never heard any band sound better period & I’ve seen thousands.

Paul Meagher
Love fan